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A Local’s Guide On Best Things to Do in Torremolinos

Torremolinos, located in Southern Spain, is one of the most popular resort towns in the Costa del Sol. What used to be a poor fishing town, is now visited by millions of tourists because of its atmosphere and beaches.

Torremolinos has been growing over the years, and I can’t believe how much has changed from a local point of view. Although it’s popular for its variety of hotels and holiday apartments as well as beaches, it also has many incredible activities to do.

Torremolinos is also a good location to be as it’s close to Malaga, the airport and other Costa del Sol towns and villages such as Benalmadena and Mijas Pueblo that are worth visiting.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you all the things you can do in Torremolinos – from tourist attractions to local spots and unique hidden gems.

things to do in torremolinos

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20 Best Things to Do in Torremolinos

Discover the sand exhibitions

sand art in torremolinos beach

If you go for a walk on Torremolinos promenade during the summer months, I’m sure you’ll find incredible sand exhibitions. There are a couple of talented men who build figures of famous people or a town with sand. 

Although there isn’t an exact location, you can sometimes find them near Torremolinos tourism office and walking towards Punta de Torremolinos.

Eat at a chiringuito

If you’re up for an authentic experience, eating at a chiringuito (a beach bar or restaurant) is a must-activity in Torremolinos and Costa del Sol. These beach restaurants mostly offer fish and seafood dishes such as espetos de sardinas (barbecued sardines) and pescaíto frito (fried fish). 

However, the newest beach bars offer less traditional dishes and more international food such as sushi, tuna poke, falafel bowls, etc. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll probably find more options in the newest beach bars.

If you want something in the middle – not too traditional and not too international, La Palapa Beach offers a mix of traditional and international dishes, and they also have vegetarian dishes. 

Enjoy the sea views from Punta de Torremolinos

A Local’s Guide On Best Things to Do in Torremolinos A Local’s Guide On Best Things to Do in Torremolinos

Punta de Torremolinos, situated between Bajondillo beach and Rincón del Sol beach, is a great viewpoint to contemplate the two sides of Torremolinos.

This place is also known by the locals as “Punta Gatuna”, and the reason behind this is that this small place is home to many street cats.

My favourite time to visit Punta de Torremolinos is in the evening, just the right time for the magical sunset.

Explore Torremolinos at night

Whether you love a good party or dancing salsa or bachata while having a refreshing cocktail, Torremolinos has plenty of beach clubs where you can have a good time.

However, Torremolinos isn’t only for young people who love parties, but couples who want to go for a relaxing walk on the beach and families that want to take their kids out to play in the bouncy castles or mini-golf. 

If you go to have some drinks out, you must know that alcohol isn’t measured as it is in other countries like the UK, so alcoholic drinks can be very strong.

Go on a day trip from Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a key location in the Costa del Sol which makes it easy to travel to other beautiful towns and even countries.


colomares castle in benalmadena

Benalmadena is next to Torremolinos, and you don’t even need to drive to visit Benalmadena, however, it’ll make things easier as many attractions are spread across two parts: Benalmadena Costa (the coast side) and Benalmadena Pueblo (the old town).

The town has famous tourist attractions as well as hidden gems. If you plan to spend a half or full day in Benalmadena, you can visit popular places such as Benalmadena cable car and the Butterfly Park of Benalmadena.

If you opt for the hidden gems, you don’t want to miss Castillo de Colomares, a beautiful building in the shape of a castle that is a monument to Christopher Colombus, Benalmadena Old Town, and the Stupa de Benalmadena, an incredible Buddhist temple with a viewpoint to Benalmadena coast. 

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apes den in top of the rock, gibraltar

Gibraltar is only an hour and 30 minutes drive from Torremolinos, however, if you don’t have a car you can always book a trip with Get Your Guide. I booked my trip from Costa del Sol to Gibraltar with them, and it was very affordable and comfortable.

Gibraltar is the perfect day trip because it’s a small country, but it offers lots of activities to do in a day. A must-see attraction is the Nature Reserve where you find the famous Rock of Gibraltar and its cheeky monkeys as well as St Michael’s Cave, an incredible limestone cave that you won’t find anywhere else.

Apart from this, you can also spend the day shopping, exploring the lively and colourful streets of Gibraltar or relaxing at Catalan’s Bay. 

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Marbella floral street

Luxury shopping at Puerto Banus, exploring the beautiful old town, and sunbathing at the beach club are a few of the activities Marbella is famous for. 

If you’re after beautiful whitewashed houses and bright pink flowers, you’ll spend hours wandering Marbella Old Town. It’s definitely a worth visiting location.

Marbella is an easy day trip from Torremolinos as it’s only 38 minutes drive, but if you don’t drive, you can take a bus from Malaga airport to get to Marbella.

Climb up to Camino de la Playa viewpoint

camino de la playa torremolinos

If you’re in the Bajondillo area, next to the Melia hotel, there is a staircase that goes all the way up to the top of the town. Although looking at those hundreds of stairs may put you off, it’s definitely worth going through this path as there’s a viewpoint where you get stunning views of the coast.

The path is known as Camino de la Playa, and you can also go down from Torremolinos town to the beach. 

Have a fun day at Aqualand Torremolinos

Do you love water parks? If so, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to spend a fun day at Aqualand, a big water park with plenty of attractions to keep you entertained all day. 

This water park has been open for many years. However, unlike other theme parks and water parks, Aqualand has been expanding and bringing new attractions.

If you love adrenaline, you must go on the Boomerang, a 15 metre high half pipe. Once you climb up you’re pushed in your float and it makes the effect of a boomerang. You can go alone or with someone else in a double float.

But, if you prefer less adventurous attractions you can go to the jacuzzi or the Surf Pool, a pool with artificial waves that are set every hour.

The price of the water park has increased over the year, which is a shame, but if you want to save a couple of euros, book your tickets online. This way you’ll pay 27 euros instead of 30.

Hire a pedal boat

torremolinos beach view

One of the best things to do when visiting the beach in Torremolinos is the variety of water activities you can do – including pedal boats.

If you’re with a group of friends or family, hiring a pedal boat is a fun activity that will keep everyone entertained and it isn’t very expensive either as you can rent one for 20 euros and you can get up to 5 people on it.

Other water activities you can do are kayaking or hopping on a surfboard.

Look for the street art

street art in torremolinos

Something that isn’t often mentioned in travel guides is to contemplate the street art in a town or city, and yet it’s a great activity.

When I was wandering around Torremolinos, I came across some beautiful art streets just like the one you can see in the picture below. 

The best way to discover street art is by being present and paying attention to what’s around you! You don’t always find a cool painting in the most popular places. 

Torremolinos is indeed a popular resort place in Costa Del Sol, but you can still find great things to do – from family attractions to activities for culture lovers.

Play golf in Torremolinos 

Costa del Sol is also well-known for its golf courses. Torremolinos has several golf courses, and the two most popular are Miguel Angel Jimenez Golf Academy and Parador de Málaga Golf Club which is the first golf course built in Costa del Sol, and it’s located at the very beginning of Torremolinos close to Los Álamos.

In addition to these two golf courses, there are many other courses nearby Torremolinos – Golf Torrequebrada in Benalmadena, Chaparral Golf Club in Mijas, etc.

Play mini-golf

A Local’s Guide On Best Things to Do in Torremolinos A Local’s Guide On Best Things to Do in Torremolinos

Are you looking for something fun? Then you should go to the mini-golf course located near the Burger King Bajondillo area. Not only is there a mini-golf course, but some arcade games too.

Whether you want to have fun with friends or family, this place is great. Also, it’s a good spot to find somewhere to eat or drink. For example, Tiki Restaurant offers great dishes as well as cocktails. 

Relax at Parque de la Batería

battery park in torremolinos

Parque de la Batería is a hidden gem in Torremolinos, most locals know about the place, but many tourists miss this incredible park. The park is located a 20-minute walk up from the famous Carihuela beach.

The entrance is free, and the park offers many green spaces and other beautiful features such as an artificial lake where you can rent a boat, a tower with incredible views of the sea and Torremolinos, and Venetian-style fountains and a playground for children.

Not only is it a good place for families, but photographers, bloggers and couples. Despite not being so well-known by tourists, you can find it busy at times.

If you’re visiting the park during the summer months, you’ll find it very tranquil in the late afternoon as most people prefer going to the beach or having a siesta.

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Shopping at Torremolinos

San Miguel street

Torremolinos town centre, and specifically Calle San Miguel, is the perfect spot to do some shopping or buy souvenirs.

You’ll come across many boutique shops to find a unique gift for someone else, or for you! Many shops sell anything from clothing to authentic Spanish leather products such as belts, shoes and bags.

If you love street markets, Torremolinos has two different street markets. On Thursdays, you’ll find the general mercadillo where they mostly sell vegetables, fruits, plants and clothes, whereas on Sundays you’ll find el rastro which sells second-hand items, antiques and collector items. 

Spend the day at Los Alamos beach

I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to last hours and hours sunbathing on the beach, I must do something. Los Alamos beach is very lively as it has great beach clubs that play music and offer delicious food and drinks.

On top of that, you can also hire a sunbed with them – some of them include an umbrella in case you don’t want to be exposed to the sun all day.

On this beach, you’ll also find more local people than tourists as well as younger people too.

Sunbathe at La Carihuela beach

Carihuela beach in torremolinos

A popular beach among locals and tourists is La Carihuela beach – the longest beach in Torremolinos with calm waters and dark coloured sand.

This is the type of beach you want to visit if you love a lively atmosphere, a long promenade with many traditional and international restaurants and boutique shops, and water sports. 

Although it’s often busy, avoid going to La Carihuela beach at weekends as Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days where you can even struggle to find a place on the beach unless you go very early or evening.

Visit Casa de los Navajas

Casa de los navajas in torremolinos

One of the best things to do in Torremolinos is visiting Casa de los Navajas.

This mansion, in the middle of the Bajondillo area, has become a must-see attraction for those who love the Neo-Mudejar architecture that is predominant in many historical buildings around Andalucia.

This building used to be a house of a wealthy family that chose Torremolinos as their second home. Nowadays, it isn’t only a tourist attraction, but a place in which weddings and other special events take place.

The funny story is that despite the fact I visit often during the summer, I never noticed this place. It was recently when I discovered it online, and when I turned up there I found it was closed (remember to always check opening times and days). Casa de Los Navajas is currently open from Friday to Sunday.

Visit Jardín Botánico Molino de Inca

For those who love escaping the crowds, Molino de Inca is the perfect place to do so. This tranquil botanic garden, located in Camino de Los Pinares away from the town centre, has almost a thousand plant species that make you feel like you’re somewhere tropical.

This botanic garden also includes Japanese gardens that have a gardened area with hillocks and lakes, four viewpoints and ornamental fountains.

Walk from Torremolinos to Benalmadena 

If you love walking, you’ll be happy to know that you can walk from Torremolinos to Benalmadena. Not only is it a beautiful walk where you can contemplate the beach at all times, but you can also stop by a cafe or restaurant to have some food or drink.

On the walk from Torremolinos to Benalmadena, you’ll pass Punta de Torremolinos, a beautiful balcony where you can see both Torremolinos on one side and Benalmadena on the other side.

During the summer months, you’ll find it very lively and busy during the afternoon and evenings, so if you prefer a relaxing walk with fewer crowds, getting up early is your best option.

Wander La Carihuela streets

La Carihuela area is packed with many streets where you can find boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. But also, if you look beyond these shops and cafes, you’ll also find beautiful small whitewashed streets decorated with lively flowers.

You can definitely spend some time wandering its streets and taking photos of them. However, avoid busy times such as late afternoon, evenings and weekends. The best time to have a more relaxing experience is early morning.

Visit the Crocodile Park

Next to the water park Aqualand, you’ll find Crocodile Park. In this park, you’ll learn everything about crocodiles – including how they made it to survive for so many years. Apart from crocodiles, you can also see turtles and chameleons.

The entry fee is 16,00€, however, you can get your ticket for 13,50€ if you book it online. They have different opening times in the summer months (July and August) compared to the rest of the year, and you can check those on their website.

As you can see Torremolinos is a great summer destination that offers a bit of everything for all ages. If you want fewer tourists, the best time to visit Torremolinos is late May and early June, just in time for when all the beach attractions start opening. 

I don’t recommend visiting Torremolinos in winter as most beach clubs and attractions are closed. In winter you can have sunny days with lovely temperatures, so you can go for a walk on the promenade or look for nearby hiking trails.

In terms of budget, Torremolinos is relatively cheap in comparison with Marbella. There are many tapas bars and chiringuitos that offer good deals such as “menú del día” which normally includes a starter, main course and dessert for a really good price. 

If you have any questions or you want more recommendations about what to do in Torremolinos, you can always email me at or send me a dm on Instagram. I’m always happy to help anyone to have better experiences in my country.

Safe adventures,

Cristina xx

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Frequently asked questions about Torremolinos

Is Torremolinos a good holiday destination?

Torremolinos is a great holiday destination, not only does it have plenty of activities for all ages, but it’s close to Malaga, the airport and other incredible towns around Costa del Sol.

The town used to have a negative reputation in the past, and some people said it was tacky, however, the town has been changing over the years, and it’s a great place for couples, families and solo travellers.

Is Torremolinos a party place?

Like many Costa del Sol towns, you’ll find that nightlife is part of these places. Torremolinos has a good nightlife, but there are other nearby places which are considered better for parties.

Is Torremolinos safe?

Torremolinos is a safe destination. Like in any town or city, you may want to avoid walking alone at night as it’s the time when smaller incidents can happen. However, police regularly patrol the beach area – where you’ll find most of the clubs – at night. 

How far is Torremolinos from the airport?

Torremolinos is the best place to stay in Costa del Sol if you want to be close to the airport. It’s just a 12 minutes drive.

Is Benalmadena or Torremolinos nicer?

Both destinations are nice. It really depends on the activities you want to do during your holiday. For example, Benalmadena has a wider variety of activities for all ages and better nightlife, whereas Torremolinos is better for beaches.

I personally love both places, and the good thing is that they’re very close to each other.

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    1. Cristina Reina says:

      It has happened the same to me with other destinations. I believe if we often visit a place, we get used to doing the same stuff. I hope you visit all of these things next time 🙂

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      I am glad you like it! The views are stunning.

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      That sounds great! Both places have unique things to do 🙂

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  10. Is it a good idea to stay at Airbnb in Torremolino and go to Malaga frequently for sight seeing and night life for two weeks of staying in Malaga area in November? Or If I do most of my leisure activities in Malaga, it’s better to stay in Malaga?

    1. Cristina Reina says:

      Travelling between Malaga and Torremolinos is affordable and easy. You can take either the train or bus. However, I would recommend staying in Malaga if you want to sightsee and enjoy the nightlife. Torremolinos is very quiet in November (it’s much better during the summer).

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