13 Cheapest Places to Live in Spain in 2024

Are you looking for the cheapest places to live in Spain? This guide will help you with that!

The lively lifestyle, good weather, delicious Mediterranean food and beautiful landscapes are some of the reasons why many expats and digital nomads move to Spain.

However, the cost of living is another good reason why many people move to Spain. Although it’s considered a cheap country to live in when it’s compared with Northern European countries, not every Spanish city has an economic cost of living.

Madrid and Barcelona are some examples of expensive places to live in Spain. They’re great places to live, but they may not be for you if you’re moving abroad on a budget.

In this blog, you’re going to discover the cheapest places to live in Spain, why they are good places to live, how much you’d spend living there and other tips to help you decide where to live in Spain!

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Cheapest places to live in Spain

1. Alicante

Sunset in alicante, spain.

Alicante is known for being one of the best summer holiday destinations in Spain. Who hasn’t heard of Benidorm and Costa Blanca?

Alicante has incredible beaches, lovely weather and delicious food, and of course, all these things make it a great destination, but going on holiday to Alicante is different from living in Alicante.

Some of the reasons why you want to call Alicante home are its international atmosphere (many people do speak English), its excellent transport, and the low cost of living.

The disadvantages of living in Alicante are mainly the fact that you won’t get the most authentic experience of living in Spain due to the tourism and good knowledge of English, and the few job opportunities as the city mostly relies on tourism.

✔️ Why Alicante is a good place to live: good weather, international atmosphere and low cost of living.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 585 € + food shopping 200 € = 785 € per month

2. Cordoba

alcazar de los reyes cordoba

Cordoba is a charming city to live in Southern Spain. It offers interesting historical buildings, delicious gastronomy and a vibrant atmosphere. On top of these reasons, Cordoba is the cheapest place to rent in Spain.

By living in Cordoba, you’ll totally immerse yourself in the Andalusian culture and be able to attend incredible events such as Feria de Cordoba (Cordoba’s fair) and Fiesta de Los Patios de Cordoba (Cordoba’s courtyard festival).

Another pro of moving to Cordoba is transportation. The city is well-connected with popular destinations like Seville, Malaga and Madrid.

The main con of living in this city is the warm temperatures during the summer months. Many locals escape summer by visiting coastal cities, as it isn’t unusual to experience temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or more.

✔️ Why Cordoba is a good place to live: festivals and parties, food and historical buildings.

💶 Estimated living costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 413 € + 200 € food shopping = 613 €

3. Cadiz

historical buildings in Cadiz Spain

Its charming winding streets, incredible sandy beaches, and beautiful and lively plazas are some of the reasons why many expats choose Cadiz as their home.

However, another thing that attracts expats is the low cost of living. Here you can find affordable accommodation, transport and food.

And talking about food, if you love fresh and high-quality fish and seafood, Cadiz is a paradise.

On top of these advantages, choosing Cadiz as your home base gives you the opportunity to explore other beautiful cities and towns in Andalucia.

The main downside of living in Cadiz is that it isn’t as well connected as other Andalusian cities, but if you opt for buying a car, you won’t have any issues travelling from place to place.

✔️ Why Cadiz is a good place to live: beautiful sandy beaches, lively atmosphere and high-quality fish and seafood.

💶 Estimated living costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 680 € + 200 € food shopping = 880 €

4. Malaga

malaga port view

Malaga, located in the south of Andalucia, is one of the best cities to live in Spain.

Not only is the cost of living cheap, but you have everything you need – from interesting museums and historic buildings to beautiful sandy beaches. You’ll never get bored!

If you love the sunny and warm weather, Malaga is one of the sunniest places in Spain. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any rainy or cloudy days, but the sky is clear most of the time, which allows you to do outdoor activities like hiking and running.

Food, transport and leisure activities are much cheaper than in other Spanish cities, and renting a flat is too, but you need to know where to rent it.

For example, rent prices are higher near Calle Larios, the heart of the city; however, if you live outside the city centre, you’ll find good prices.

Another reason to move to Malaga is that many cultural activities are free, and even reputable museums like Picasso Museum Malaga offer free entry on Sundays. And if you love day trips, Malaga is well-connected to other Andalusian cities.

If you want to avoid the hassle of the city, consider moving to a town in the Costa del Sol. Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Marbella are popular spots for expats and digital nomads. These are some of the best places to live in Spain by the sea. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to teach English in academies and private schools.

You may be wondering if there are any cons to living in Malaga, and of course, there are just like any other city. The main downside of moving to Malaga is the heat during the summer months. Temperatures reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, and this isn’t for everyone.

✔️ Why Malaga is a good place to live: it has a lively and young atmosphere, there are many indoor and outdoor activities to do all year round and its beaches.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 649 € + 200 € food shopping = 849 €

5. Granada

Views of Granada

Granada is the most charming city to live in Southern Spain. Its beautiful historical buildings, Moorish influence, pebbled streets and tapas culture make it a great place to live.

The city isn’t only famous for the Alhambra palace but for its student life. The University of Granada attracts many national and international students across the world, and it’s known for its translation and interpreting courses.

Granada is your best option if you’re a foodie, as its tapas culture is bigger than other Andalusian cities. You’ll enjoy eating traditional Andalusian dishes as well as Granada dishes like remojón granadino and piononos.

Some of the main cons of living in Granada are the high temperatures in the summer and, for some people, the fact that there isn’t a coast.

✔️ Why Granada is a good place to live: Tapas culture, university life, nightlife and historical buildings.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 480 € + 200 € food shopping = 680 €

6. Logroño

a square in logrono spain

Logroño, located in the region of La Rioja, is the perfect place for you if you want a total immersion in the Spanish culture while saving some money.

Logroño is known for its wineries and vineyards, so you can learn all about the winemaking process and taste some of the best Spanish wines.

One of the main pros of living in Logroño is that you’re a footstep from incredible landscapes in Spain – from the famous Camino de Santiago (St James Way) to lesser-known but beautiful hiking trails.

Food is also a big thing in the city; you make your way through the city centre eating pintxos, small plates of food similar to tapas.

The downside of living in Logroño is the weather. If you’re looking for a sunny and warm place, then choose another Spanish destination.

✔️ Why Logroño is a good place to live: food and wine, beautiful natural landscapes and affordable prices.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 450 € + 200 € food shopping = 650 €

7. Oviedo

If you want to move to Northern Spain, Oviedo is one of the cheapest cities to live in. Not only is the cost of living economic, but it’s an ideal place to live for a tranquil atmosphere.

One of the main advantages of living in Oviedo is its proximity to beautiful landscapes, making it a popular destination for hikers. So if you love nature, of course, you want to consider Oviedo as your future home.

Whereas this part of Spain isn’t as warm and sunny as the South or Spanish islands, it’s a top summer destination for those who want to get away from the suffocating heat and have a cooler summer.

✔️ Why Oviedo is a good place to live: nature, tranquil atmosphere, affordable rent in Northern Spain.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 420 € + 200 € food shopping = 620 €

8. Cartagena

cartagena ruins in spain

Cartagena, situated near Murcia, is one of those cities that are barely mentioned when moving to Spain as it isn’t popular or touristy at all.

However, it has a low cost of living, and it’s a true hidden gem in Spain as it’s one of the oldest cities in the country.

Cartagena offers a tranquil atmosphere to live in for families and young professionals, it has the perfect combination of mountain and sea, and it’s home to many historical buildings.

By living here, you can also explore other beautiful places in the region of Murcia, and you won’t be far from Valencia and Alicante either.

✔️ Why Cartagena is a good place to live: historical buildings, coastal landscapes and tranquil atmosphere.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 400 € + 200 € food shopping = 600 €

9. Murcia

Murcia is another amazing city to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and lifestyle. This is the best place to move to Spain for you if you love everything Spain-related (history, food, culture).

Living in Murcia also has other advantages, like shorter winters and warm summers, its proximity to other Spanish counties like Andalucia and Valencia, and the affordable cost of living.

With all the good things about Murcia, you may be wondering if there’s something negative about living in this city!

The main two cons of living in Murcia are the accent, which can be a bit difficult to understand for non-Spanish speakers and a smaller expat community.

✔️ Why Murcia is a good place to live: shorter winters, affordable rent, and a good taste of Spanish culture.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 550 € + 200 € food shopping = 750 €

10. Las Palmas

las palmas in spain

The Canary Islands are popular for being a perfect summer holiday and winter getaway because of its mild temperatures all year round.

If you aren’t sure what’s a cheap and good city to live in the Canary Islands, Las Palmas is an excellent option.

Apart from the fantastic weather, other reasons to live here are its stunning beaches, good transport and quality healthcare.

The downside of living in Las Palmas is that it isn’t a great location to explore other Spanish cities as it isn’t on Spain’s mainland, but having said so, if you love the island life and don’t mind going on weekend trips, you won’t see it as a big problem.

✔️ Why Las Palmas is a good place to live: island vibe, good weather all year round and high-quality healthcare.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 580 € + 200 € food shopping = 780 €

11. Melilla

A sign that reads Melilla
Photo credit: Lisa of Waves and Cobblestones

One of the cheapest places to live in Spain is Melilla. It isn’t a common place for expats to move, but you may want to consider it.

If you aren’t sure where Melilla is, it’s situated outside Spain’s mainland and on the continent of Africa next to Morocco.

Melilla is a place for expats who want to live between two countries, love the coast and enjoy the sunny and warm weather.

The main cons of living in Melilla are being isolated from Spain’s mainland and there are geopolitical issues relating to migration.

✔️ Why Melilla is a good place to live: living in two countries at once, low cost of living and sunny weather.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 500 € + 200 € food shopping = 700 €

12. Teruel

Teruel, located in the region of Aragon, is a charming and affordable city to live in Spain. If you’re looking for a small-town feeling or you’re moving with children, this city is for you.

Some of the main advantages of living in Teruel are incredible history and architecture, festivals and plenty of outdoor activities.

In addition to this, Teruel is strategically located in the middle of four big cities (Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia), so you can also explore these Spanish cities.

The downside of living in Teruel for some expats is the fact that it can be a bit quiet, especially for young people.

✔️ Why Teruel is a good place to live: family-friendly place, has lots of history and is close to big cities.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 500 € + 200 € food shopping = 700 €

13. Valencia

centre of valencia spain

Despite being the third-largest city in Spain, many expats move to Valencia because of the small-town feeling, although there are many things to do in Valencia.

Here you can visit the City of Arts and Science, enjoy local food at the Central Market of Valencia, exercise at the beachfront or relax in one of its beautiful green spaces.

Another great pro of living in this city is that it isn’t as expensive as other major Spanish destinations like Madrid and Barcelona, so you can find good accommodation for a reasonable price.

The biggest con of living in Valencia is the lack of job opportunities, so securing a job here can be challenging. Before moving to Valencia, you may want to check remote jobs or try to get a job before moving there.

Overall, not only is it a cosy and cheap place to live in, but Valencia offers a great quality of life and activities to do.

✔️ Why Valencia is a good place to live: great quality of life, reasonable rent prices and plenty of activities to do.

💶 Estimated costs per month: one bedroom rent outside the city centre 615 € + 200 € food shopping = 815 €

Frequently asked questions about the cheapest places to live in Spain

Is the cost of living cheap in Spain?

Yes, Spain is one of the cheapest countries to live in Western Europe, especially when it’s compared to countries like the UK or the US.

Expats from other countries will be able to enjoy the low prices on food, transportation and rent even more.

The cost of living also varies from county to county. If you want a lower cost of living, avoid cities like Barcelona and Madrid

Where is the cheapest rent in Spain?

Murcia, Cordoba, Cartagena and Granada are some of the cities where you’ll find cheap rent.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Spain?

This really depends on the city you are moving to and whether you’re moving alone or with family. A single person can easily live for about 900 € per month.

Conclusion on the cheapest places to live in Spain

There are quite affordable places in Spain; however, inflation has affected the cost of living. Prices have increased, as has happened with the UK and other countries.

Cartagena, Melilla, Cordoba and Oviedo are some of the most affordable places to live in Spain. However, if you move to a more remote town or village, you’ll probably pay less for rent.

If you have any questions or want any advice on moving to Spain, reach me via email at cristina[at]mylittleworldoftravelling.com. I’m always happy to help.

Also, if you’re an expat in Spain, I’d be really interested to hear about your experience in Spain.

Cristina xx

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Mini Guide to Living Abroad

Should I get expat travel insurance?

ABSOLUTELY! — For your peace of mind, get your expat travel insurance with SafetyWing!

How do I get a job in Spain as an expat?

You can find work in Spain via job boards, word of mouth, or agencies. If you plan to work remotely, look for jobs on websites like FlexJobs.com. They offer 100% remote roles.

What’s the best way to open a bank account in Spain?

I’ve been using La Caixa Bank for many years. However, I love visiting other countries and spending some time there. So I found Wise, which offers free global accounts. It’s super convenient, and you won’t have to open accounts everywhere you move! You’re also guaranteed the cheapest money transfers. 

How do you make friends in Spain?

I highly recommend using Facebook to connect with people. There are many Facebook Groups for expats in each city. Also, you can use Meetup.com. It’s free to join, and you can meet people who share a similar hobby as you! 

What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

Go to language exchanges, use apps like Duolingo or sign up for online lessons in Preply. They’ll help you learn some Spanish before moving.

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