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+25 Top Ideas for Travel Blog Names

Are you thinking about starting a travel blog?

I remember before starting my travel blog, I had no idea what name I should give to my blog. Although it can be a simple task, many of us forget the importance of travel blog names – as they represent us and our brand.

If you’re stuck with choosing a name, you’ll find tips to help you brainstorm and feel confident about your travel blog name in this blog.

op Ideas for Travel Blog Names

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How to pick a travel blog name

This is my simple method to pick a good and unique travel blog name.

5 Steps to come up with travel blog names

Get clear on what message you want to communicate 

This is one of the most important things to do as you want to know what you are going to write about before deciding on a title. Get crystal clear on the main travel topic you want to blog about. Here are some examples:

  • Solo travel
  • Couple travel
  • Family travel
  • Eco-friendly travel
  • Luxury travel
  • Budget travel
  • Slow travel
  • Adventure travel

You can niche down even more by choosing to blog about one country or city. Many bloggers have succeeded because they have been writing about a destination they know very well, for example, their hometown, a country they often visit or where they are based.

If you think about it, there are too many blog posts on “what to do in X”. People want to read your story, your tips about that place and things that aren’t normally found on other blogs. Also, they’ll see you as an expert in that location and you’re most likely to stand out.

As well as deciding your main topic, you need to know who’s going to be your ideal reader, who is normally a similar version of you and your tastes.

Think about what they like and need, where they are from, how old they are, what type of travel they are interested in, etc. By knowing all of these details, you’ll come up with a message and you can reflect that message in your name.

If you’ve never created your ideal reader before, here is a list of questions you can ask yourself.

  1. What is she like?
  2. What’s her age?
  3. What does she do?
  4. What does she like?
  5. What does she struggle with?
  6. What are her hobbies?
  7. What type of holidays does she like?


Never underestimate the power of brainstorming. Get an A4 or A3 paper, pen colours or highlighters and write names and adjectives that immediately come to your mind. 

I prefer to brainstorm by using multiple colour pens and paper. It’s more creative and helps me much more than creating an excel document and typing there. However, you know you, so do what feels good for you.

When you’re brainstorming, think about these two main questions: What is special about you? What do you want to write about?

If you struggle to come up with ideas, you can also inspire yourself by looking at other travel blogs and researching on the internet.

At the same time, have you ever felt like you have the best ideas ever when you are walking, having a shower, cooking or going to sleep? It’s important you give time to yourself to come up with something amazing, and you can have the best ideas when you’re doing an easy task.

TIP: It’s essential that you’re descriptive because a good descriptive travel blog name will make you stand out from the competition. In addition to this, you can make it more SEO friendly (easier for Google to know what you write about and for people to find your blog on Google) by including keywords that define your blog.

Ask a friend

After brainstorming, I’m sure you have a couple of name ideas for your blog. Make sure you’re writing them down on a different paper or document.

This is completely up to you, but I always like to ask close friends what they think about my ideas. This doesn’t mean that if your friend doesn’t like them, you need to choose something different, but they can give you some good feedback or come up with other ideas you like.

Check if your name is available

Last but not least, you need to make sure this blog name is available, and by available I mean there are no other domains under the name you want.

You can check your name by using the tool below.

Register your name

Once you’ve checked your ideal name is available, you need to register your domain name. 

The best web hosting to start your blog is Bluehost which includes WordPress and you have 24 hours support from experts.

There are different plans to choose from, but the basic plan is ideal for those who want to get started. This plan includes one website, 50 GB SSD storage, custom themes, a free domain for a year, CDN included and a free SSL certificate.

What not to do when choosing a blog name

Limit yourself

It’s very simple to fall into the trap of including names or adjectives that have a meaning now but won’t in the future. For example, if you name your blog “wandering in my 20s”, well you know that your 20s won’t last forever.

Similarly, there’s no point in your blog name that includes a type of travel you aren’t going to write about much. For example, don’t say “luxury travel” in your title if you only plan to create a post about the most luxurious places in Dubai and that’s it.

If you mention luxury travel, people will expect most of your blogs to cover expensive hotels, restaurants, etc.

Include any numbers, dashes or special letters 

You need to pick a name that is straightforward and people find it easy to look for it on Google. Numbers, dashes or special letters don’t add anything to your main name.

Your blog name must be memorable like any well-established brand. 

Use a funny name

This isn’t a “you must not”, but if you’re planning to work with brands, you want to choose a name that represents travel and seems professional. Some brands like something a bit different, of course, but I wouldn’t choose a very funny name for my travel blog.

Pick an overused name 

You want to be unique and creative, and choosing an overused name may lead you to be just another blogger, and people forget who you are and what it’s special about you and your travel blog.

Remember the best way to stand out is by being descriptive and unique!

Choose a blog name that isn’t available on social media

As a blogger, you ideally want to build a brand and that means having social media platforms under the same name.

To be honest, I had no idea of this when I started blogging. Actually, if you look my Instagram username is different from my blog, and now it’s a bit tricky to change my username because I’ve built an audience.

If you’re wondering what social media platforms you should use, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook page 
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • TikTok 

Of all of these platforms, Instagram and Pinterest are a must. Instagram continues to be a powerful platform to build an audience, connect with other content creators and work with brands.

On the other side, Pinterest is an amazing tool to direct traffic to your blog, which is extremely helpful when you’re new to blogging. 

My biggest advice is to focus on one platform or a maximum of two. Growing social media accounts take time and effort, and you’ll already be busy working on your blog. It’s better to be consistent in one platform than be inconsistent using every platform. 

TIP: Use to find out if your name idea is available on social media platforms.

Ideas for travel blog names 

In this section I’ve compiled the blog names of great travel bloggers that will hopefully help you choose yours:

35+ Travel related words

If you want to avoid common words like travel, here is a list of travel-related words that will help you communicate to others what you write about.

  1. Journey
  2. Travelers 
  3. Flights
  4. Vacation
  5. Voyage
  6. Passport
  7. Ramble
  8. Abroad
  9. Tourist
  10. Cosmopolitan
  11. Wanderer 
  12. World
  13. Wanderlust
  14. Backpacker
  15. Nomadic
  16. Globetrot
  17. Ticket
  18. Excursion
  19. Country
  20. Continent
  21. City
  22. Island
  23. Desert
  24. Trips
  25. Fly
  26. Trek
  27. Expedition
  28. Sightseeing 
  29. Ride
  30. Cruise
  31. Weekend
  32. Van
  33. Explorer
  34. Road
  35. Staycation
  36. Compass
  37. Luggage
  38. Island
  39. Hiking
  40. International

As you can see there are many ways to come up with blog names. Although we tend to think everything has been taken, believe me, it hasn’t! 

You can also use your name as your blog name, but I often see this as a lifestyle blogger rather than a travel blog, which isn’t a bad idea if you plan to expand your topics in the future.

Once you get started, you can have a look at ways to monetize your travel blog as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help and guide you 🙂 You can either send me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram @creina.diary or drop your question below.


Cristina xx

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op Ideas for Travel Blog Names
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